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How does Emergency Ballasts Work?

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How does Emergency Ballasts Work?

Emergency Light is a lighting device, that is backed – up by a battery pack, that switches on automatically when an electricity outage is carried out. The ballasts are usually powered by line voltage from a lighting circuit. As soon as the outage is on, the ballasts would be triggered. By code, these lights need to stay on for a minimum of 90 minutes.Those lights are mostly required in a commercial environment such as office buildings, schools, warehouses, military premises, airports, airplanes and etc. as the light which they provide, during a power failure is essential.

Emergency light fitments are usually made of rechargeable sealed – lead acid batteries and are charged by line voltage. These ballasts have an indicator light showing power is on to the fitment, and a test button that cuts line voltage to the fitment and allows battery electricity to light the fitment if thebatteryis working properly. The indicator light and test button are usually the same. An Emergency Ballast is a rechargeable battery pack that looks like a fluorescent ballast and it provides emergency light. The ballast functions inside of the tube fixture. They work the same as emergency lights. When there is a power blackout, the emergency ballast will supply electricity to one or two fluorescent tubes, depending on how the ballasts are wired. A fluorescent tube set with an emergency ballast will contain one or more standard ballasts and one emergency ballast. The standard ballast can be quick start (wired in series) or instant start (wired in parallel).


There are two sources of power to a fluorescent tube set with an emergency ballast. These sources of power are usually provided from the same circuit. 1. Switched power to turn the lights on and off. 2. Always on power to charge the emergency ballast. Like emergency lights, emergency ballasts have an indicator light and a test button. Sometimes they are the same, sometimes they are separate. Standard fluorescent ballasts have one wiring diagram. Emergency ballasts have many wiring diagrams depending on the following: - Whether the standard ballast is quick start or instant start. - How many lamps the emergency ballast will light up if power fails (usually one or two).

Diagnostics and repair:

Emergency ballast wiring can be very complex and difficult to diagnose. Some electricians really struggle with them and replace the whole set rather than try to figure out where the problem is. The standard ballast has a wiring diagram on it, but an emergency ballast has many possible diagrams that are not always available. BatteryRush does not recommend repairing your ballast set and replacing ballasts by yourself unless if you have previous experience with them. If you really want to make a diagnostic your ballast set, we recommend replacing both the standard and emergency ballasts and starting from scratch. A diagram will come with the new emergency ballast to help you wire it properly. Ultimately, it is best to have a qualified electrician troubleshoot and repair these fixtures. On BatteryRush.com we offer a wide variety of Emergency Ballasts on low prices. You can check them out right here


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