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7 Interesting Facts You Need To Know Before Purchasing AGM Batteries!

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7 Interesting Facts You Need To Know Before Purchasing AGM Batteries!

We wanted to share some interesting facts 

about AGM batteries!

From the previous blog post you should already know that VRLA Batteries can be Sealed VR Wet Cell, AGM & GEL. Well, now we'll focus on the AGM ones and let you know more. 


I. AGM batteries were initially created for military use as they are exceptionally strong and can take substantially more abuse than wet-cell or standard deep-cycle GEL batteries. As the electrolyte is contained inside the glass mats, there is nothing to break or spill and they are moderately free from freezing damages.

II. Similar to other batteries there is little to no maintenance with AGMs. A significant advantage is that a great number of them are "recombinant". For those who don't know that means the oxygen and hydrogen join inside the battery amid charging cycle to form water - thus the minor water loss and hydrogen emission. Therefore, AGMs are less perilous than their equivalents. 

III. An "ordinary" auto alternator will charge a wet-cell battery to about 80% of its capacity whereas, AGMs will pretty much fully charge and at a speedier rate from a similar alternator type.

IV. AGMs service life is up to 5 years which can be accomplished so long as there are  normal operating conditions. What's best is that with fine maintenance, good discharge and charge conduct report for even longer cycle life - up to 10 years.

V. AGM Batteries can deal and get on well when it comes down to multitude of roles. They are utilized as starting batteries in deep cycle applications as well as standby batteries for UPS equipment. Similar to other counterparts, they can connect in series or in paraller providing different terminal voltages and ampere capacities. 

VI.  These batteries have a really low discharge rate so if you need to store them for an extended period of time it won't be an issue. Should they fully discharge while in storage they can be quickly recharged back to more than 95% of their original capacity provided they have not been left for too long (more than 6 months).

VII. Indeed, they are considerably more expensive than the normal wet cell or deep-cycle batteries. Yet, in the event of a comparison their cost is justified when it comes to strength, longer service life along with performance.

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