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BCI Battery Group Size – What it actually is?

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BCI Battery Group Size – What it actually is?

We, at Battery Rush have noticed that when it comes to replacing your old UPS, SLA, Wheelchair or Motorcycle/Automotive battery with a new one, very often there is some confusion about the BCI Group Size. So, we will provide further details bellow and we hope that it would be useful.

The group size of the battery stands for its dimensions and basically it shows the size of the battery itself (height x width x length), as well as the polarity (how the positive and negative poles are situated). In addition, it does not show the batery’s capacity, however it clearly states its voltage and physical characteristics. It is also good to keep in mind that different producers may often build products, from one and the same groups, but with different battery plates or plate surface area sizes, therefore this is the main reason why sometimes you might get a battery from a different manufacturer, but with a different AH than your old one. One of the most wide know battery groups are 31, U1, 22NF, 24 and etc.

12V 35AH U1 Battery Group Size Dimensions

Nevertheless, if you are having any doubts about what battery would best fit for your application, please have a look right at the various categories, on our website or just contact our professional customer support for an advice.

The battery size has been set as a national wide standard by the Battery Council International (BCI), as at some stage they have defended that such a standard is needed and would be in use for consumers in order to define easily which battery would perfectly fir their needs.

Battery Council International (BCI) is a non - profit association that represents and supports the battery industry. They are situated in Chicago and one of their most recent activities is related with safe disposal of old batteries.

They are the ones, responsible for publishing all national battery standards related with testing, dimensions and size. For more information, about their work, you can check their official website right HERE


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