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Charging SLA Batteries. Types of chargers.

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Charging SLA Batteries. Types of chargers.

The simple physics that lies behind the process of charging is when the battery restores its electrical energy and starts storing it as chemical energy. This means, that during the charge there is going to be an electrical current that would circulate inside the battery and would cost changes to its components. With other simpler words, while charging the SLI battery, the ions that are inside are moving from the positive cathode to the negative anode. It is a time – consuming process that happens gradually and the battery gets completely charged when all of the ions have moved to the negative anode.

In order to calculate approximately how much time, it would take for it to recharge, you can simply divide the batteries amp. hours by the rated output current of the charger, then multiply the result by 1.75 to compensate for the declining output current that occurs during the charge cycle.

Usually, the average time it takes to charge a seal lead acid rechargeable battery is between 12 to 16 hours and up to 48 hours for larger stationary battery. SLA batteries takes time to replenish compared to the other rechargeable types and normally, the larger the current is, that is coming from the charger, the faster it would charge. The market offers a lot of different options and varieties of chargers. Each type has its pros and cons however usually buyers are looking for the one that provides the fasted speed of charging and compromise on the rest of the features.


Let's have a look at the different kinds of chargers

1.Simple Charger

The most basic battery charger model is the floating one and it also comes at the most affordable price. It comes with a DC power supply and applies an output voltage of 2.25V per cell in the battery. A 6 Volt battery having 3 cells would amount to 6.75V of output power where as a 12 Volt battery having 6 cells would amount to 13.5 Volts output power. Usually, it would take an SLA battery 16 hours to charge with such a charger. Therefore, if you don’t mind waiting longer, the float charger would be the most budget effective option. You should also have in mind that many batteries, left on a simple chargers for too long will start weakening or will get completely damaged due to overcharging. These chargers also vary in that they can supply either a constant voltage or a constant current, to the battery.

2.Fast chargers

In order to achieve faster charging time, some people prefer to use the two-stage charger, which is a bit more expensive. Fast chargers make use of control circuitry to rapidly charge the batteries without damaging any of the cells in the battery. The control circuitry can be built into the battery (generally for each cell) or in the external charging unit, or split between both. Most such chargers have cooling fan to help keep the temperature of the cells at safe levels. This charger has the ability to monitor the charging process and to and to switch between the phases. It would also automatically seize the charger as soon as the battery is completely full. It will complete a charge within 5 – 6 hours.

3.Three stage charger

The three stage battery charger has one more additional option. It would also monitor the charging process and instead of shutting down when ready it would turn itself in to a low float charging mode and this way it would keep the battery completely charged. Don't miss out to check the battery chargerson that are suitable for different types of SLA Batteries.


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