Usually, this type of battery lasts about 3-5 years so long as the battery is maintained properly under perfect conditions. Nevertheless, battery life will differ depending on various factors which we will take a look at in a bit.

Being proactive and mindful of these factors and conditions will guarantee you boost the life of your battery and are set up for any power failures.

I. When installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply, we need to clarify where to install it to best assure power will be available at all times to the equipment. It is suggested that the UPS be introduced in a temperature controlled condition. The UPS ought not be set close to open windows or regions with high moisture. UPS equipment should not operate under conditions where temperature and humidity are of excessive amounts.

II. Usually, single-phase UPS batteries are delegated "maintenance-free" which leads numerous clients to feel that observing and keeping up UPS batteries is superfluous, but reality differs a lot. A maintenance-free battery, unlike what the name suggests, requires proper care - monitoring is essential.

III. All batteries have an evaluated limit which is resolved in light of indicated conditions. The capacity of a UPS battery depends on an encompassing temperature of 25°C (77°F). Operating the UPS under these conditions will expand the life of the UPS and result in ideal execution. While a UPS will keep on operating in shifting temperatures, take note of that this will probably bring about decreasing the execution and life expectancy of your battery. A general rule to recall is that for each 8.3°C (15°F) over the ambient temperature of 25°C (77°F), the life of the battery will be decreased by 50 percent. In this manner, keeping a UPS at an agreeable temperature is pivotal to expanding UPS life and capacities.

IV. Power failures can happen at any given time. The UPS equipment will naturally change to battery energy to give the connected hardware (stack) vitality. When utility power has been reestablished the UPS battery will consequently energize to get ready for the following power outage, a procedure known as the discharge cycle.

At the moment of installation, a battery is at 100 percent of its evaluated capacity, however every following discharge will somewhat diminish the capacity of a battery. The length of discharge cycle will decide by how much a battery's capacity is decreased. While cycling is a fundamental part of UPS activity, monitoring the cycling frequency will anticipate the life of a UPS.

V. A battery requires a substitution when it has achieved the end of its life, which is characterized as when it can never again supply 80% of its rated capacity. At the point when the battery achieves this previously mentioned point, the corruption procedure accelerates, and a substitution battery is required.

VI. Proactive UPS owners may try to buy a substitution battery before one is vital so as to maintain a strategic distance from the potential results of downtime. While this is a satisfactory and even suggested move, there are a couple of essential variables to consider while setting your UPS battery.

Unavoidably, an unused battery will encounter a decrease in life cycles. Lead-acid batteries like the ones utilized as a part of UPS units encounter automatic self-discharge, in this manner it is recommended that a battery away be charged each 3 to 4 months. Neglecting to keep up your UPS battery's charge will bring about lasting loss of capacity inside 18 and 30 months.

In case you don't have the chance to charge your battery while away, it is suggested the battery be put away at 50°F (10°C) or less. Doing this will moderate the degradation cycle of the battery, and help to expand its future.

UPSs and their related batteries are intended to be dependable though, boosting the life of your equipment requires appropriate care. Most clients know that batteries will in the long run require substitution, however numerous disregard the significance of the battery's support. Temperature, and cycling recurrence are the two attributes that ought to be observed closely, however the significance of intermittent assessments, position, and capacity can't be disregarded.

Batteries that last the longest, and give the best execution are reliably the ones that are being given the best administration and care. Giving ideal oversight to your UPS battery ought to be straightforward; simply ensure you comprehend the components talked about and that your arrangement is basic, steady and proactive in nature.

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