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Lead Batteries – Types and Comparison

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Lead Batteries – Types and Comparison

Batteries come with different dimensions, in different shapes. In the battery industry, with no doubt, we can say that lead acid technology takes the largest part of the market. The main two Lead battery types are Flooded and Sealed – Lead Acid. The second type, on the other hand, has two variations - AGM (absorbent glass mat) and GEL batteries. In the next few paragraphs we will provide you with a simple explanation of the differences between those types to make it easier for you to choose the correct type of battery for your application.

1.Flooded Lead – Acid Batteries

Those batteries contain an electrolyte that is free to circulate within the battery canister. When charged, the battery acid and lead plates react in order to store electricity. The biggest disadvantage however comes with the fact that these batteries are meant to be placed upright so that the electrolyte wouldn’t leak out of the caps on top and damage the application. Whereas, when the battery gets sealed it can be mounted in whichever position without causing leakage. Flooded Lead - Acid Batteries have been the standard in the solar industry. This type of battery is also used in golf carts and forklifts. They are the most economy wise and long-living lead battery type. However, in order for it to reach its maximum lifespan it should be maintained properly. You can check this article for more details about how to maintain your battery.


2.Sealed Lead – Acid Batteries

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3.Absorbent Glass Matt (AGM) Batteries

This type of batteries has the electrolyte isolated in a thin fiberglass mat located between the lead plates. This is what makes the battery high vibration resistant. Thus, the battery becomes a perfect choice for powersport products, such as motorcycles and ATVs. In addition, they can be placed on any of the sides. AGM batteries cost more than flooded lead-acid batteries, and they do not last that long. However, for that extra price, you get the luxury to have a maintenance-free battery that releases less gas during the charging phase. On we have a great variety of AGM batteries right here

4.Gel Batteries

Gel batteries have quite similar technology as the AGM ones. The difference is that instead of fiber glass, they have a thick paste that covers the electrolyte. Another difference between those two battery types comes with the charging rates. AGMs can handle higher charge and discharge rates than GEL batteries. That type of batteries usually comes at the highest price, compared to the other three types, but on the other hand they can provide a sustainable current of energy when a slow and deep discharge is needed. They also last a bit longer in hotter temperatures, so you might pick them if you are concerned about high ambient temperatures in the compartment where the batteries are installed. If you have any difficulties about selecting your GEL battery, you can have a look here

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