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6 Simple Steps to Service your Bike at Home

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6 Simple Steps to Service your Bike at Home

Riding season is already half way through and we at Battery Rush are keen riders ourselves therefore, we are fully aware about all the hustle of servicing the bike in order to keep it in a proper condition. A motorcycle is a much more different machine than a car, as it has only two wheels on road, instead of four. Therefore, it requires specific maintenance as one loose bolt might turn around the whole experience of riding a bike. Bellow we will provide you with a few helpful and easy service steps that anyone can do by themselves at home in order to keep their machine smoothly running.

1. Check and Change the Oil Regularly

This is very important step and will prevent your bike from damaging as it lubricates the engine as well as the gears compartments. Running your bike without or with dirty oil might end up in some serious failure, too. Also, if you notice that your engine is half empty and you prefer to top it up yourself we highly recommend to use exactly the same oil type as the previous. Mixing different oil types is not a good idea. You can check what would be the best oil type for your machine on the official Castrol web page right here. You can find the oil change schedule in the owner’s manual of your bike. However, it will be different for the different engine sized bikes. For example, for the smaller CC scooters it would be on every 3 months or 3000 miles, whichever comes first.


2. Keep an eye on the tires

Inspecting the tire pressure before every ride would be something that every rider should turn in to a habit. Maintaining the correct tire pressure is a very important step, especially when it comes to safety. Again, the correct atmospheres for your model bike should be stated by the producer in the owner’s manual. Besides tire pressure you can also check for any dents, cuts, abrasions or uneven ware and tare.

3. Maintain your Battery

The battery maintenance is a longer topic to which we have dedicated a whole article right here. However, you can stick to the basic rules to always make sure that your motorcycle battery is not discharged before going for a ride, you could also check it after every oil change and store it properly during winter. Another point that we would like to make is - always bear in mind your machine’s charging system before adding any additional after-market lightning. This is in order to make sure the power is enough to handle it. In our online store you can find high quality batteries by the SigmasTek brand that need no maintenance and there is no need to top them up with acid. We have batteries suitable for every model and replacements for lots of OEM brands.

4. Keep the air filter clean

The air filter is the part that disallows all kinds of small trash to penetrate into the engine compartment of your machine, which is why it is very important to keep it clean or to change it if it is too clogged. As a subject of wear and tear, sometimes after a dusty ride it would be pointless to try to clean it, instead it would be the perfect time to change it. On some models it is easily accessible, however on others you would have to remove the gas tank or other compartments to reach it.

5. Make sure to clean the chain and keep it lubricated

A main part of the basic maintenance would be to check your chain and to lubricate it if necessary, since usually during the rides they gather all kinds of small debris and when they get too many it might make your bike suffer. These days, most of the chains are “O” shaped, which makes them easier to clean and require less cleaning, but still it is always good to have it cleaned up. In order to do it you need to lift the bike up, in a way that the rear tire is raised towards you. First, put the gear in neutral position by rotating the back wheel, then use a gentle brush to clean it and finally, use a greasy spray to lubricate it. After lubrication, the chain should be wiped

6. Try to always maintain it clean

Last but not least, we advise every rider to regularly wash his/her bike and to maintain it this way, simply because during the act of washing and cleaning you can easily notice places and spots that are loose or corroded and need changing. In other words, you should regularly clean your machine just to have a better idea of its condition.


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