BatteryRush.com provides the following warranty to orders placed complying with our company's Terms and Conditions.

Warranty Policy:

We will replace all batteries that failed to operate due to performance or defects in the material. Warranty refunds are only processed if the product is not available, and a compatible item cannot be offered. BatteryRush.com offers a warranty of 1-year on standard Sealed Lead Acid and UPS batteries, 3 years for High Rate UPS batteries 5 years for Emergency Ballasts, and 6 months for Powersports batteries.

The warranty period is counted from the date of receipt of the product. Under warranty, we can only replace items with identical or better-designed products. The warranty period does not renew after the replacement product is received. To qualify for replacement under warranty a battery must be in an unaltered condition. When a warranty is claimed, the original packing slip and invoice are needed.

Warranty Exceptions:

The warranty of BatteryRush.com does not apply to batteries failed to operate due to extreme or inappropriate usage, improper charging, or application. Warranty will be voided if a product has been left at a charge level, lower than what is considered a minimum for the battery to perform effectively when installed.

We do not replace a product due to short circuits or damaged applications. A physically damaged battery can be replaced in 7 days, assuming that the damage has occurred during transportation.

BatteryRush.com reserves the right to deem any warranty requests if a return is requested, but the process has not been completed.

Any items that are exported are not covered by our warranty policy.

Warranty Procedure:

If you request a replacement under warranty, you may be asked to provide us with the battery's readings taken with a voltage meter. BatteryRush.com keeps the right to test a battery when returned and to refuse to replace it if any of the above exceptions are found. All costs related to warranty replacements of batteries by the C&D, FIAMM, Deka, Enersys, or any other different than SigmasTek brand, are covered by the buyer. This includes but is not limited to shipping costs incurred with returning and testing the battery, as well as sending a replacement for it to the buyer. For more information regarding a particular battery model, please check with customer service.

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