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Solar Panels for Your Home. Why not?

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Solar Panels for Your Home. Why not?

We can say for sure that the last couple of years, solar panels have become one of the fastest growing energy business within the Unites States. The Solar Energy Industries Association is predicting an increase of the solar market at about twice as it is now, becoming a billion-dollar business. Therefore, with the decrease of solar panels and solar applications usage, comes the need for solar application batteries, that are able to store energy for a later on use.

1.How do solar batteries work?

What solar batteries do is to simply keep the energy, produced by your solar panels for your needs at a later stage. The higher your batteries capacity is, the more energy they would be able to store. Also, sometimes solar batteries have their own inverters and this way, they are able to offer integrated energy conversion. In addition, a solar battery would give the possibility for the energy stored, to remain at the premises of your home, instead of it to be returned back to the electricity grid. If your solar panels are producing more electricity than you need, the excess energy goes towards charging the battery. Later, when your solar panels aren’t producing electricity, you can draw down the energy you stored earlier in your battery for night use. You’ll only send electricity back to the grid when your battery is fully charged, and you’ll only draw electricity from the grid when your battery is depleted. What this means in practical terms is that homes with solar-plus-storage can store excess solar power onsite for use later when the sun isn’t shining. As a bonus, since solar batteries store energy at your home, they also offer short-term backup power in the event that there’s a power outage in your area. Solar panel batteries can be even useful to home owner who doesn’t have solar panels systems installed in their houses. They can be used to provide a backup power when there is an electricity outage and to produce energy without the support of a power generator.


2.How do solar panel systems work form the inside?

A typical solar panel system usually consist of solar, panels, an invertor, some equipment to stabilize the panels on your roof and a performance monitoring system that track how is the whole process going. The solar panels collect energy from the sun which is turned in to electricity, which is passed from the invertor and converted into a form that you can use to power your home. Most of the solar panel applications are connected to the electricity grid. Hence, if there is a vast sunlight and your system is producing an excessive amount of energy you can store it for later - when your home needs more electricity than what the panels are producing. However, you can also choose whether to return back the extra energy to the electricity grid and to get some credit on your utility bill. Later, when you use more electricity that credit can be used and withdrawn from the bill.

All in all, renewable sources of energy are gaining more and more popularity among consumers, firstly because its cheaper and secondly, because its more ecofriendly. However, it becomes quite difficult to sustain balance between supply and demand, simply because renewable sources of energy are unable to provide the same amounts of electricity that traditional power plants do. Subsequently, energy storage technology, such as solar batteries, would become more and more needed for future. In the long run, this means more renewable energy resources integrated into USA’s energy grid and lifestyle. Battery Rush has a great variety of solar batteries, I you like, you can check them out right here


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