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What Makes Heavy Duty Batteries So Heavy?

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What Makes Heavy Duty Batteries So Heavy?

A heavy-duty battery is designed for applications that are larger in size, require a higher capacity output for a longer period. They usually handle heavier tasks, e.g. industrial materials, mining, heavy-duty trucks, marine products or even some larger lawn mowers. The main factor which differentiates the heavy-duty batteries from the alkaline batteries is the electrolyte which they use to produce electricity. The alkaline use potassium hydroxide whereas heavy-duty batteries use zinc chloride as the electrolyte. A heavy-duty battery uses the outside zinc case as the anode, while an alkaline battery uses the zinc contained in a gel inside a steel case. The power produced by a battery usually depends on the construction, however the heavy-duty ones provide an upgrade over standard zinc-carbon batteries. In fact, they do not match that of the alkaline battery due to the fact that zinc chloride cells use a paste that consists of zinc chloride - producer of longer life of steadier power output.


Capacity: The capacity of the heavy-duty batteries refers to the amount of discharge current a battery can deliver over time and is measured in ampere-hours (Ah). The higher the Ah, the longer a charged battery will last. In any industrial setting, a long power supply is essential to avoid needless downtime for recharging. As you discharge, the rate will increase, and your capacity will decrease due to the current transferring discharge. As your load decreases, your capacity will decrease, too, due to the self-discharge of the cell.

Construction: With regards to the inside constructions of the heavy – duty batteries, there are two options: tubular plate and flat plate construction. The flat plate construction provides stronger durability to vibration, more lead to better handle repeated charging cycles, and more consistent power discharge though in some cases, less power capacity. As a quick review, tubular construction offers more surface area for the electrolyte to connect with. In term, this gives the battery more capacity and power output. The downside is less lead mass, decreasing current paths and overall efficiency.

Particles:The components themselves, along with the quality of those materials will determine the overall quality of the finished product. Just how is your battery built? Does your manufacturer cut corners by using a higher-grade technology compared to other manufacturers? What about the details of the construction, such as Cast on Strap (COS) assembly, which allows for 4,000 adjustments versus a mere 40 for hand welding?

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